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Today's help is tomorrow's future

Sports Program

We see sport as a fertile ground to engage with youth, to stimulate social interaction and to provide space to grow positive values. In March 2010, we began our training project in Delft pupils under the age of 14 years. The communities in these areas, especially parents, are excited and grateful to see such initiative, which takes their children off the streets. 

The sport program is being held three days a week on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. In addition, soccer teams meet twice a month for friendly matches in different Cape Town suburbs. 

All soccer training equipment and T-shirts were donated by Claremont Rotary Club and Nicholson Textiles.

Besides the soccer teams, we also intend to set up cricket teams. However, we have been unsuccessful thus far in finding an available coach who could train and guide the teams.

African Legends sports program
  • African Legends sports program
  • African Legends sports program