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Today's help is tomorrow's future

Current Projects

  • Educational Excursions

    Educational Excursions is the third part in African Legend's extra class program which is offered to improve the educational spectrum available to deprived students in Cape Town. The visiting of science centres, museums and businesses in different industries by learners, is an essential part to the concept of theory and practical application that allows pupils to see the concrete results of school education in real life. 

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  • Experiments

    In 2011, Dr Wim Fuls, voluntarily introduced in his dealing with severely disadvantaged learners, experiments as a tool to stimulate learners’ interest in Physical Sciences. As result he could reduce the failure rate of regularly attending students. 

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  • Extra Classes

    The focus is to decrease the failure rate of learners in schools through extensive exercises in extra classes. We strive to level the learning standards that enable learners to face social challenges as well as academic studies.

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  • African Legends sports program

    Sports Program

    We see sport as a fertile ground to stimulate social interaction between youth, to connect with them and to provide space to grow positive values. In March 2010, we began our sport project in Delft with pupils under the age of 14 years. The communities in these areas, especially parents, are excited and grateful to see such initiative, which takes their children off the streets.
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  • Cape Town Youth Festival

    Youth Festival

    In February 2009, African Legend became a member of the Muizenberg Cape Town Youth Festival committee under ARTAPART production. Learners from various schools and communities are invited on a year on year basis to attend the festival.

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