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Today's help is tomorrow's future

Experiments in Physical Sciences Classes

11 Nov 2011

For us at African Legend it is important to offer quality education for severely disadvantaged learners in the Cape Town area. But offering 'free' extra classes is mostly not sufficient to motivate young, discouraged students to attend our extra classes. 

The practical component is as important as the theoretical one; in other words text books have to be brought to life.

As a result we introduced experiments in our physics classes in 2011. Together with the extraordinary, voluntary help of Dr. Wim Fuls, we implemented different physics experiments to stimulate learners’ intellectual curiosity and fuel their hunger for knowledge, thus ultimately reducing failure rates. All experiments were put together and taught in line with learners’ needs and grade levels. 

Going forward, we would like to implement more practical components into our extra class program, to keep our learners interested and motivated to finish their matric successfully. 

If you would like to find out more about our extra class program, please contact us or write to us here on Facebook. 

PLEASE NOTE, we are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic tutors to join the African Legend team. 

Your African Legend Team