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Today's help is tomorrow's future

Container Needed for Class Room

08 Mar 2013

Hi Everybody,

We offer extra classes in Du Noon/Cape Town and currently facing the challenge of available facilities. We do work with Suzakhe, a community organisation in Du Noon, who kindly offer us one container in the afternoon. However, due to other youth activities during the afternoon, the container is often unforeseen occupied and can not be used by us. We have to offer regular classes in order to effectively help our students to improve their school results. Consequently, we need our own class room. This would also allow us to offer more classes in the afternoon and during the weekend without dependency on the availability of the room.

A ship container converted into a class room is the best solution! The standard price of a container including conversion and delivery is about R 28,000 according to the quotes we received.

With your contribution we will be able to make this happen!